The Processes

APPL is proud to possess the finest technology and appliances in the industry to ensure the best quality products on every scale at every stage.

  • Twin Screw Mega Compounders from KRAUSS MAFFEI BERSTORFF Germany, THEYSOHN Germany and CTE Japan
  • Gravimetric Loss-in-Weight feeders from BRABENDER Technology
  • Complete Automation of material handling from ARIOSTEA and KOCH
  • • Finest production equipments to perfect every product matching to the right process and consistent product quality in shortest lead time.

The automobile industry has varied requirements and we APPL in mutual understanding with the OEM are set to become an ideal partner for upcoming innovations.

APPL is moulding itself for the future by adopting and acquiring technologies and other auxiliary services to fit in the groove.

To perfect this role in a pro-active way, we have made alliances for design as well as process of IMC (Injection Moulding Compounder) in order to upgrade the product design in accordance with Upcoming trends and also to provide complete solution up to the end product.

Design Edge

The industry demands are ever-changing with research and market norms and APPL has kept itself at the forefront in the design integrity by technical agreement with the leading MAGNA STEYR India Ltd. for design, development and engineering of all potential D-LFT parts in automobile.

Our agreement adds the dimension of updation and improvisation in global context, thus benefitting the Indian auto segment.
Eg: Front end modules, Bumper beams, Fenders, Stone guards, etc.

Process Precision

APPL are the pioneers of IMC technology in India. The process applied is a combination of injection moulding and compounding to give exceptional properties to the final product. The important technological aspects are

  • Better strength to weight ratio
  • Replacement of metal parts by plastic
  • "Less is More " principle as the involved single process saves in over all costs